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CryptoCurrency Exchanges Overview
Which Is Best For Your Client?

Crypto exchanges let the users on their platform change their digital currency into traditional money or other forms of cryptocurrency. Crypto token holders can also trade for other blockchain assets if the platform permits. However, the number of these platforms is increasing every day. But which one is trustworthy? 

Well, Coinbase, Crypto.com, and eToro are some of the most well-known and secured crypto exchanges. These platforms let you deal in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major digital coins at reasonable transaction rates. Read on to find out more about them. 


5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There are several Crypto Exchanges out there. But which one is the best for your client? Well, to find that, you have to first overview the top cryptocurrency exchanges currently available. 


Coinbase is a great platform for someone who is just starting in the crypto world. However, that doesn't mean it's a kid's platform. The advanced trader can try Coinbase Pro to find a more professional environment. Plus, this is one of the most secure platforms for crypto trading. 

The platform of Coinbase is very easy to use. In addition, there are a lot of helpful features and learning options integrated into it. Coinbase permits trading in approximately one hundred cryptocurrencies. As a result, it has become one of the most widely used crypto trading platforms in the world. 

Security is a big concern in crypto trading. And Coinbase has you covered in that regard. Because it insures all the digital funds of the users on the platform. Moreover, they keep the U.S Dollars balances in banks that are insured by the FDIC. As a result, in the event of a major hack, all your money on the platform will be safe.  


After Coinbase the most important crypto exchange is probably Crytpo.com. The platform started its journey in 2016. Besides the common Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain-based coins, this platform hosts over 250 cryptocurrencies. The platform is accessible to users from 90 countries around the world. 

One of the perks of trading on Crypto.com is their wonderful mobile app. Users can carry out all kinds of crypto transactions right from their mobile screen using this software. It is essentially an easier-to-use version of the platform's web interface. Plus, there are many features and helpful tools to help you learn the trade better. 

Besides these crypto.com also offers various kinds of products. For instance, the CRO token. This is a crypto token offered exclusively by the platform. The crypto-token holders can use it to pay for services from associated merchants online. In addition, this crypto exchange also offers crypto visa cards and various other products. 


eToro allows its users to trade in over 30 cryptocurrencies. You can start investing with very little money. Plus, the charges on trading are also at a minimum. Besides, beginners can use their 100000 dollars (play money) worth of virtual trading accounts to practice their hand at the game.  

One of the main reasons many people are on eToro is its social trading feature. This means you can shadow other professional and famous traders' investing trends. You will just select an investor of your choice. After that, the platform starts mirroring their investing moves on your behalf. Of course, you have the option to control it. 

This feature is known as CopyTrader. However, this will cost you some money. For each user you copy, you have to pay 200 dollars. And there's the option to copy up to 100 users at a time. Well, if you can't afford it, there's still the opportunity to view millions of other normal users' profiles and learn from their investing trends. 

Binance US.

Binance US hosts over 50 cryptocurrencies. And you can start trading with as little as ten dollars. Fees for trading are comparatively low at only 0.1 percent. So, if you think eToro (0.75%) and Coinbase (0.5%) are charging too much, this is the platform for you.  However, the Binance US isn't available to people from seven states.  

You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other well-known cryptocurrencies on this platform. Plus, there is also the option of crypto-to-crypto trading. Using this, you can trade Bitcoin or Ethereum for Binance USD, which is a stable coin offered by the Binance Blockchain. 

Binance also offers its users a crypto wallet. This is an app known as the Trust Wallet. You can get the wallet for free from the app stores (Google and iPhone). But it is not mandatory. You can use your wallet too. Although beginners can save themselves from the hassle of wallet creation by downloading this free software. 


Gemini lets the users trade in over 75 cryptocurrencies. Fees for smaller transactions are around 0.99 to 2.99 dollars. Meanwhile, the larger transaction will cost you 1.49% percent fees. 

This is one of the most secured crypto exchanges available currently. Because it provides insurance for the money that is integrated into the hot wallet. So, your digital money is still safe even in the event of a major hacking or similar security breach.  Plus, there is a sophisticated security framework in place. 

Moreover, all accounts are secured with two-factor authentication. And lastly, it is SOC-2 certified. In other words, third-party auditors have tested this platform's security system and officially recognized it as secure. 

Learn More About Navigating Through The Crypto World

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If you are looking to trade, then these crypto exchanges can be excellent for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro. Because these platforms are welcoming for everybody. And also beware of shady and untrustworthy exchanges. 

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