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Understanding Mining Pools: Should You Join One?

Understanding Mining Pools: Should You Join One?

Bitcoin mining pools are an effective way for different parties involved to synchronize their endeavors in mining bitcoins. As it happens, the level of difficulty in finding a block has increased significantly over the past few years. Therefore, it is now elusive for an individual to obtain any block rewards.

Nowadays, mining pools are an attractive option for potential investors in the current climate. It allows many network participants to merge their hashing power in one united effort. The block rewards, in return, are split among all the pool members proportionally according to each individual’s contribution to the amount of computing power.

How Does a Mining Pool Tend to Work?

Suitable hardware is not adequate to help you mine a block of cryptocurrency in the ocean of mining. The entire mining procedure for a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin entails miners trying to procure a block first. When a miner can find a partnership, the person receives the rewards for that specific block.

The reward is generated in the form of a newly minted cryptocurrency. As the number of miners increases on the network, the difficulty of mining also ticks up significantly. For the most part, it happens due to a signature aspect of a cryptocurrency protocol that is widely known as difficulty adjustment.

A hash rate parameter determines the difficulty level of mining on a particular network. Mining difficulty tends to fluctuate every two weeks depending on the hashing power currently present on the web. For the most part, a healthy hash rate is preferable since it keeps the entire network more secure.

With an increasing level of hash rate, it has become almost impossible for an individual miner to mine anything new, even with the help of the world’s most powerful equipment and latest technologies.

In mining pools, miners generally pull together connections worldwide to pool their hash rates together. Since pooling all the miner’s hash together helps them operate at a higher level, miners stand a realistic chance of solving a potential block. The upside of mining pools lies in raising the odds since it can go down to as slim as none individually.

Once the miners have successfully solved a block, the reward is generally split up between all the participants, proportional to each miner’s contribution. The calculation is usually done using a set named “Share Difficulty” for each miner and a “Share Time” for the pool.

The pool is responsible for establishing when the respective participants will submit all the hashes. Pools, in general, help with installing a time during which users can share their hashes. Concurrently, it also assigns difficulty to all the miners participating within the network.

The miners are responsible for sending portions of their hashes at predetermined set intervals. The larger the hash share of an individual miner is, the bigger a reward that participant will reap as per the difficulty rate. The block rewards are dispersed proportionally among the participants as per the proportion of individual shares.

Should You Join a Mining Pool?

If you are sure about mining cryptocurrency, joining a mining pool might be the only feasible option for you to have any chance of mining newly minted cryptocurrencies. However, there is a clear distinction between wanting to mine cryptos and finding the whole effort worthwhile for you.

Mining cryptocurrencies is generally considered a convoluted and complex process even by experts in this field. There are many nuanced factors that one should consider before investing time and effort in this endeavor.

Mining comprises steps such as cost of equipment, cost of electricity, time investment, difficulty adjustments, etc. When cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin just came into being, the calculations were far more straightforward than today. As computations grew more convoluted, it became virtually impossible for any mining to be accomplished without the help of advanced computing power.

In mining, the requirement for the latest hardware technology is constantly evolving. Due to the frequently changing difficulty adjustments, miners mostly have to obtain new and latest hardware to keep up with the frequent evolution of requirements. Therefore, one must consider all these factors before investing such money, time, and effort.

What Are the Best Mining Pools Currently on the Crypto Market?

Most of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency mining pools are based in China. Some of the famous names include the likes of Poolin, F2Pool, and Antpool. As of 2020, these mining pools alone constitute around 43 percent of all new blocks mined by the participants.

The differences between the top mining pools are primarily subtle and minute. Apart from the slightly differing charges, the disparities between these mining pools are imperceptible. However, the critical functionality where the mining pools can differ is if it operates as an open entity to the public and the average proportion of the blocks each pool mine on average.

How To Join a Cryptocurrency Mining Pool?

Most mining pools allow users to get involved without owning any prior mining power. Therefore, whether you are a small or avid crypto miner, you can use a minor mining pool either way. The steps that involve joining a mining pool are pretty simple.

Firstly, you have to narrow down your options and choose a pool that best suits your needs and convenience. Afterward, you have to add the stratum addresses of the mining pool to your existing mining software client and connect the wallet where you want to submit your mined coins. Lastly, you must configure your mining client for the pool you have already chosen.


A cryptocurrency mining pool is a way of bringing all the miners together from around the globe under the same network and combining all their hashing power. As a result, it helps increase the chances of all the miners and caters to everyone’s interest.

If you are interested in learning first-hand about how cryptocurrency mining works in general, joining a mining pool can be as effective a decision as one could take. To learn more on such topics, be sure to get tickets to our live New York seminars where experts from various fields discuss more on such topics. 

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