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What Does It Mean To Mint NFTs?

What Does It Mean To Mint NFTs?


If you have not lived under a rock, then you probably know that NFTs are the new buzz nowadays. More and more aspects of our lives are going online nowadays. NFTs are soon seemingly becoming a necessary tool.

They are unique tokens that represent digital files (or physical objects). So, what does it mean to mint NFTs? Minting is not a unique process. In fact, if you know the basics, it will be pretty easy to understand. So, let’s jump right in.

What Does Minting NFTs Mean?

No, mounting NFTs does not have anything to do with menthols or any kind of breath fresheners. NFT is actually an acronym. It stands for Non Fungible Tokens. And just like most interesting new technologies nowadays. NFTs are also stored on a blockchain.

These can be used as a certificate of ownership for digital assets. Think of it as proof that a particular digital drawing, art or any kind of digital asset is yours. This is somewhat of a revolution in this space. NFTs can be used to trade and collect these digital arts as well.

So, how do you make an NFT? Or more importantly, how do you turn a digital file into a digital asset that is owned by someone? That is where minting comes in. Minting is just the process of turning a particular digital file into a digital asset on the blockchain.

Since NFT mostly uses the Ethereum blockchain, that is the main concern here. In other words, you can say when a piece of digital art becomes a part of the vast Ethereum blockchain that is called minting.

It will be stored in a decentralized database. It is often referred to as a distributed ledger. The key term here is distributed. And it is one of the hallmarks of crypto. Since it is distributed, it is impossible to tamper with it.

No one can edit it, delete or even modify it at all. So, when an NFT is minted, it is turned into a digital asset and then can be traded. Where do you trade them? Well, on the digital marketplace, of course

The NFT creator can benefit in different ways when his NFT is sold. For every sale, there can be royalties. He can receive a commission when someone buys his NFT or is traded on the secondary market.

Is Minting NFT Free?

Not exactly. Minting NFTs will cost you money. NFTs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, as mentioned previously. Working on the blockchain, like buying, selling, and transferring any asset will cost a ‘gas fee’.

This cost or gas fee is not a fixed thing. It will depend on the demand of the NFT. You can expect it to be between $50 to $200. The NFT network you are on will also have some effect on the gas fee.

So, you cannot mint an NFT for free. But given how NFTs are taking off, this revolutionary technology should not be ignored. There is some good news though. You can choose more affordable NFT networks.

Networks like OpenSea NFT and Mintable are some of the more affordable ones. OpenSea is the most popular network now. The main perk is that you do not need to pay a gas fee every time you create an NFT.

How Long Does Minting An NFT Take?

There is no single answer to how long does minting NFTs take. That is because it depends. Opening an account and getting started does not take that long. You will need to install Metamask though.

It is an Ethereum wallet that will act as the gateway for you into the NFT world. It is light and pretty optimized and can be installed as a chrome extension.

As for listing an NFT for sale and creating one, takes just as much time as listing something on eBay or say uploading a video on YouTube. Your internet speeds will be the main factor to consider here.

The good news is that these marketplaces and networks make their tools and the process pretty streamlined and easy to use.

It can be divided into a couple of simple steps. Let’s break them down briefly:

Step 1: Connect the wallet to the marketplace

Step 2: Upload the file

Step 3: Mint

Step 4: Approve the gas fee

Step 5: Wait till NFT is minted

NFTs have changed people’s lives forever. There are reports of NFTs selling for millions of dollars. And now, artists and digital artists have something that will put their masterpieces on the map without the risk of being stolen. Do you want to learn more?

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Wrapping Up

With NFTs and crypto being such a big thing in today’s digital world, you cannot ignore the cultural and also monetary impact it has (and the future potential). You know; what does it mean to mint NFTs? But there is much to learn here.

And that is one of the most exciting things about it. It is a dynamic field with so many possibilities. With the proper knowledge of NFTs and crypto, you can be at the forefront of innovation.

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